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Axcl Decision analytics services specializing in business analytics. We help brands across the world improve revenues and margins by helping them better utilize their data for business decisions. The focus of Axcl Decision Analytics is to develop new insights based on data and statistical methods.

  • Analyze data, act on it, and put it into an Industrialized “always on” solution.
  • Dive deep into a specific business problem and solve for it.
  • Work to create a culture in an organization that is data driven and customer obsessed.

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Data analytics Expertise

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Decision science

How We Work

Step 1

Collecting and transforming data into suitable format.

Step 2

Exploratory Data analysis to uncover the important characteristics .

Step 3

Model building and validation.

Step 4

Making decision based on the model.

Analytics services

Retail Analytics

  • Store management
  • Price point analysis
  • Customer experience management
  • Inventory management
  • Cost optimization
  • Sales forecasting
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    Customer Analytics

  • Customer life time value
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Customer Churn/Attrition
  • Customer Retention
  • Cross-Sell and UP-Sell
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    Banking & Financial Analytics

  • Anti-money laundering - identifying suspicious transactions to alert investigation officers.
  • Credit scoring - score the customer based on various parameters to arrive at certain number and if that is above a threshold then approve the credit.
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    Healthcare Analytics

  • Financial recovery - predicting the payments from healthcare insurance payer which are overpayments to service providers
  • Healthcare Claims Fraud detection - predicting the claims which are likely to be fraud.
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    1. Dream Housing Finance company deals in all home loans, they wants to automate the loan eligibility process (real time) based on customer detail provided while filling online application form.

    2. A large MNC facing the problem of identifying the right people for promotion.

    Clients Words

    • We were having a problem to target our potential customers which lead us to the decrease in our sales eventually. My company was going down day by day so, we contacted Axcl decision analytics pvt ltd. to solve our problems with the data analytics services. We had a six month contract from august to january. In the period of contract, we saw good growth in our sales and profits with the help of data analysis and accurate prediction. It was a great decision to contact AXCL Team. The whole team of AXCL was very helpful and great at there work, which helps my company grow again to avoid any further loss.

      Mr. Raj

    Our Features

    Around the Clock Services

    Professionals at AXCL are available 24x7 for the technical support. We are glad to help our clients with our best services.

    Complete Protection

    Security being one of the most important aspect in our business, We at AXCL are always concerned about privacy and security of the client side.

    Creative Process

    The process of analytics might sounds boring but we have taken care of it by making the process as simple and interesting by our creative processing and interaction.

    Excellency in Quality

    Best in class performance is provided by the professionals of AXCL. We have experienced individuals for every task and service thay we provide.

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